About Eric


Eric Navikas is an Oregon Certified Oranic Farmer who has been deeply engaged in politics throughout his life.

As a young man, he worked as a campaign field manager advocating for habitat and forest protection. Bill Clinton was President and the administration was developing the Northwest Forest Plan. Eric was among a team of three who were tasked with lobbying Oregon’s congressional delegates.

Ron Wyden, who Eric is now challenging for a seat in the U.S. Senate, was then a U.S. Represtative. This was the first time the two met. Eric now says, “It was disappointing. He refused to defend our requests for forest protections and remained defensive and recalcitrant throughout the conversation.”

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Eric became involved in forest defense as a citizen litigant and community organizer. He has been a plaintiff in multiple lawsuits against the federal government over land management and has won numerous victories.

Eric was elected to a four year term on the Ashland City Council, where he was an effective policy maker. Among his achievements he supported numerous affordable housing zoning ordinances and helped facilitate the construction of nearly 100 affordable homes. As a councilor he was respected for his knowledge of policy, land use law, and budgeting.

Eric is a socialist and Green who is committed to social justice, sound environmental policy, internationalism but with fair trade, and non-interventionist foreign policy.