eric color headshotOregon leads the nation in progressive politics. From Land Use Planning to LGBTQ rights, Oregon has been a leader. We now have the opportunity to elect a Green Party candidate and socialist to the United States Senate. Oregon can lead the nation to a more prosperous future where social and economic justice is a priority.

Protecting Workers and the Environment

The incumbent has proven to be an establishment politician by supporting international trade pacts. Wyden recently voted to fast-track the controversial and secretive TPP pact. These pacts cater to the interests of multinational corporations seeking cheap labor and limited environmental protections. The result has been devastating to American workers and has created a crisis of economic disparity.

Capitalism Has Failed

Capitalism has failed on its own merits, requiring massive interventions from taxpayers to prop up this antiquated system. The basic needs of all our citizens are not being met. America now exists under a condition of uneven and combined development, where fewer have access to the wealth of our nation. Those who are disenfranchised suffer from poverty, unemployment, under-education, violence, incarceration, and homelessness. Poverty, like wealth, is inherited. Crime and violence are the result of poverty. We must aggressively address the consolidation of wealth in America.

Socialist-Democracy is the Future

Mixed socialist economies function well and address the basic needs of all. America enjoys incredible wealth, and everyone needs the opportunity to share in this prosperity. Universal health care, universal housing, sliding wages connected to profits, a basic income, universal access to higher education, public transportation, and robust funding for the arts, these are the tools we must use to bring a new era of prosperity to America. Oregonians can lead the way to a future where everyone enjoys health and prosperity.

You can donate online to Eric’s campaign below. Do not use the “Quick Contribute” button unless you already have an account with Raise the Money. Instead use the step-by-step process below it. If you prefer to send a check, make it out to “Eric Navickas” and mail to: Jackson County Pacific Green Party, P.O. Box 33, Ashland OR 97520. Be sure to include contact information for campaign finance reporting purposes.